Need Advice? Submit a Question to our Newest Advice Column — ‘iSpy’!

In dire need on how to generate non-awkward conversation? Or escape the friend zone? Spyglass’s newest advice column, I Spy!, is here to answer your burning questions! For the first time in years, readers of Spyglass can send in questions that they would like answered by Spy, the pun-riddled Spyglass respondent. Spy is open to bestowing answers to any of your questions, so if you’re in a pickle, fear not! Even your worst dill-emmas are no match for Spy. 

Simply click on the form below and write in your question—and don’t worry, everything is anonymous to protect our readers’ privacy. Please know that Spyglass does not guarantee a response to a submitted question. As a friend, Spy urges you to reach out to a trusted adult about any serious concerns.


And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.