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Feldmeth teaching a Contemporary Ethical Issues class in 2019. Sometimes in his Ethics classes, students will ask Feldmeth about his personal viewpoint.
Share their Views or Remain Neutral? The Difficulties of Navigating Politics for Teachers
Katie S., Writing Editor • April 12, 2021

It was near the end of Westridge’s Modern Middle East class when some students began clicking the leave button to exit the Teams meeting. They...

Westridge students gather for a Tiger Week class. Even when used recreationally, videoconferencing is often still mentally draining.
The Ups and Downs of Zoom Culture
Ilena M. April 12, 2021
With its pros, cons, and 150 millisecond time lag, the adaptation to Zoom life is shaping an entirely new culture of human interaction. 
Local & World
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Mars Rover Lands Close to Home
Sophia H., Managing Editor • March 12, 2021

On February 18, 2021, Westridge watched as the Mars rover Perseverance touched down safely at Jerezo Crater, marking an incredible win for space...

Best Quarantine Take Out Restaurants
Best Quarantine Take Out Restaurants
Sophia H., Managing Editor • January 28, 2021
My dad, finally home from the hospital and recovering on our couch.
Opinion: Broken Bones Heal Stronger
Lucia P. April 12, 2021

I used to only imagine what it would be like to lose my mom or dad, and how it would affect my life. It usually was only a fictional, brief thought....

Campus Culture
Rachel K on a balcony enjoying the view
What Do Students Think About In-Person School?
Katie X. April 12, 2021

After spending a little over a year entirely online, students have begun returning to campus.  Lower and middle schoolers have already been...

When Did The Pandemic Become Real To You? Students and Faculty Respond.
When Did The Pandemic Become Real To You? Students and Faculty Respond.
Daria H. and Julia W. April 12, 2021

On March 13, 2020, Westridge closed its doors after a coronavirus case was diagnosed in Los Angeles. Most members of the community believed that...

New Legislation Challenges Abortion Rights
New Legislation Challenges Abortion Rights
Sophene A. March 1, 2021

    New abortion legislation in South Carolina challenges current abortion rights, changing national abortion legislation...

Photo Credits: Instagram
New Zealand Works to Reduce Period Poverty: What Does It Mean for Other Countries?
Sophene A. March 1, 2021

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand meeting with period poverty campaigners to discuss their plan to provide free sanitary products...

My mom, brother, and I standing outside of Philz last May
Opinion: Why I Love Philz Coffee + Five Drinks to Order
Reed D. February 15, 2021
It was love at first sip and it's been a fairytale romance ever since.

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Julia Roberts In Review
Julia Roberts In Review
Isabella W. March 12, 2021

While Julia Roberts’ movies have always been widely admired, the extra time in quarantine allowed me to watch almost all of her movies. The...

The beginning of high school brought with it a very __ need for emotional reassurance in the form of baked goods. On good days, that manifested itself in the form of homemade crepes, which made me gasp in horror at the realization of just how much butter goes into __ food, then shrug and eat twelve. When I didn’t have that kind of ambition, it was jarred whipped cream in a pre-made pie crust -- which I can’t say is too bad at all. And when we couldn’t get our typical honey-laden baklava from a local bakery for the Jewish New Year, I decided to keep up the tradition by brewing homemade cinnamon syrup and experimenting with phyllo dough for the first time. It was a little chewy, and it didn’t cook through until ten o
Etc: Valentine's Day Edition
Ilena M. and Spyglass Staff March 1, 2021


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