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UC San Diego is among one of the nine UC schools that have shifted their standardized testing policy.
The UC’s Just Announced Their Test-Blind Policy, Causing Some to Rethink the Application Process
Jacqueline Y. November 2, 2020
“I’m mad,” expressed Charlotte Z. ’22, shocked by the University of California Regents’s announcement on May 21, 2020 to move to a test-optional policy within the next two years. Like thousands of students across the country, Charlotte spent the past summer taking a 10-week SAT prep class that met for four hours per day, Monday through Friday. “I’m mad, but I understand and get why they would make this decision.”
Top Stories
Ms. Epps’ advisory meets together during advisory time.
Admin Uses New Advisory Schedule to Promote Social Connection
Hannah W., Staff Writer • November 2, 2020

  At 8:29 am, students sleepily stare at the Teams lobby passage: someone in the meeting should let you in soon.  Patiently, they wait...

Local & World
Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden at one of his campaign rallies on March 9.
Kamala Harris’s Nomination Is Met With Both Excitement And Hesitation
Katie S. and Mckenna D. October 11, 2020

With the election right around the corner, Westridge’s students and faculty share their opinions about Kamala Harris and her historic nomination...

One of my favorite thrifting spots, Goodwill.
A Guide to Covid-19 Thrifting
Eliza W. November 9, 2020

Do you ever have that I-wish-I-could-get-more-clothes-but-I-have-far-more-important-things-to-spend-my-money-on feeling? I mean, a black T-shirt...

The maintenance staff. (Felicia Johnson)
Westridge’s Maintenance Staff Prepares Campus for Students Return
Katie S., Writing Editor • November 21, 2020

Every other morning at 6 am, Elias Aguilar arrives at Westridge for work. He is met with a near-empty parking lot and a ghostly quiet campus....

Kelly Koch dressed as a witch.
Westridge 2020 Halloween Parade
Katie X. November 13, 2020
Westridge was unable to host its annual Halloween parade in person this year. Originally, organizers wanted the entire school together in one meeting for the Halloween parade, but the number of students exceeded the maximum capacity for a Microsoft Teams meeting. ASB was forced to improvise and instead created a video and picture competition hosted on Flipgrid.
Lemon Bars.
7 Recipes to Make Quarantine Sweeter
Ella B. November 19, 2020
With nothing to do in isolation, it’s no secret that baking’s popularity is on the rise. The influx of new bakers was so significant that last spring, many stores across the nation found themselves selling out of ingredients like flour, sugar milk, and eggs. 
Stephanie C. ’25 in a debate tournament at home.
The New Age of Speech and Debate
Ella B. November 1, 2020

Please bear in mind that the author is a member of the Westridge Speech and Debate Team.  The Westridge Speech and Debate Team’s season...

LuciDesignsCo’s Instagram, where she advertises some of her products.
Eighth Grader Promotes Voting With Small Startup
Sophene A. October 11, 2020
Bored during quarantine? Luciana P. ‘25, an 8th-grader at Westridge, decided to do something about her boredom and started a project that would not only occupy her time, but also include her favorite hobbies: art and design. Luciana decided to create her own Etsy store, LuciDesignsCo, to sell products of her own design, such as phone cases, sweatshirts, t-shirts, pencil cases, and notebooks.
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