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Meeting in the Middle: When Being Pro-life and a Feminist Intersect
Meeting in the Middle: When Being Pro-life and a Feminist Intersect
Eliza W. December 3, 2020

Destiny Herndon De La Rosa takes a deep breath in. Her voice shifts from its fast and energetic tone to a more slow and careful pace as she recalls...

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Ms. St John at her farm with her three goats, Rosie, Sissy, and Timmy
Goats, Chickens, and Pigs, Oh My! St. John Buys a Farm During Quarantine
Katie X. December 10, 2020

Have you adopted a new pet during quarantine? Erica St John, Westridge’s Service and Community Engagement Coordinator, is one step ahead with...

Local & World
Tribute Mural by Tyke Witness located at El Toro Bravo Tortilleria, Costa Mesa.
Kobe Bryant and the Lakers Inspire Art Community
Brittany A. November 2, 2020

Following the Los Angeles Lakers’ victory in the 2020 NBA championship on Sunday, October 11th, hundreds of Lakers fans gathered to celebrate...

Column: The Backstory: 3 Female Pirates Who Swashbuckled Their Way Into History
Column: The Backstory: 3 Female Pirates Who Swashbuckled Their Way Into History
Ilena M. December 4, 2020

The Backstory is a column celebrating offbeat and overlooked history. The open water, the thrill of danger, the excitement of adventure,...

Westridge Microaggressions Assembly on Zoom
Westridge Microaggressions Assembly Reveals Need for More Safe Places
Julia W. December 16, 2020
On October 14, Westridge faculty, staff, and students gathered remotely for the “Let’s Talk - Microaggressions” assembly. Lower, Middle and Upper school came together to discuss how students could identify microaggressions and properly address them.
The maintenance staff. (Felicia Johnson)
Westridge’s Maintenance Staff Prepares Campus for Students' Return
Katie S., Writing Editor • November 21, 2020

Every other morning at 6 am, Elias Aguilar arrives at Westridge for work. He is met with a near-empty parking lot and a ghostly quiet campus....

Opinion: Burnt Leaves, Strong Roots
Opinion: Burnt Leaves, Strong Roots
Natalie M. and Sophene A. December 4, 2020
Every Armenian child in the world grows up hearing about the Armenian Genocide, the period from 1914 to 1917 when over 1.5 million Armenians were murdered by the Turks of the Ottoman Empire.
Lemon Bars.
7 Recipes to Make Quarantine Sweeter
Ella B. November 19, 2020
With nothing to do in isolation, it’s no secret that baking’s popularity is on the rise. The influx of new bakers was so significant that last spring, many stores across the nation found themselves selling out of ingredients like flour, sugar milk, and eggs. 
Stephanie C. ’25 in a debate tournament at home.
The New Age of Speech and Debate
Ella B. November 1, 2020

Please bear in mind that the author is a member of the Westridge Speech and Debate Team.  The Westridge Speech and Debate Team’s season...

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Keep these handy tips at the ready for your next TEAMS call.
Five Not-Depressing Ways To React When A Teacher Asks, "How Are You?"
Emerson L. December 9, 2020

Approximately thrice a day some hapless, well-meaning adult tries to make a polite inquiry about the general mood of a classroom. Without fail,...

Spyglass staffers generated headlines to describe their day.
14 Honest Headlines For An Unusual Election Week (Including This One)
Emerson L. and Jacqueline Y. November 5, 2020
In the midst of the 2020 presidential election week, the Spyglass team has been generating and sharing headlines to describe how their life has been going. Here are a few.