The student-run newspaper of Westridge School for Girls, Spyglass strives to build community and evoke empathy through the medium of journalism. Comprised of passionate student writers, editors, designers, managers, and leaders, Spyglass is dedicated to ethical reporting that amplifies our unique voices to inform, entertain, and forge connection in the Westridge community and beyond.


Letters to the Editor:

As Spyglass continues our mission to build community and evoke empathy through the medium of journalism, we welcome and strongly encourage submissions to the Editor in Chief in regards to student life, articles, and commentary about particular topics.

Email your submission to [email protected]. Please include your full name and grade (if applicable) when submitting. The subject line should read: Letter to the Editor.

If your circumstances require anonymity to publish to the entire community, we will still require full disclosure of your identity to our Editorial Board.

Keep all letters under a word limit of 650. If the letter exceeds the limit, we will not consider it.

The letter must not include any profanity and should refer to an article that has been published within the last month.

By submitting a letter, you allow the Spyglass Editorial Board to make edits and changes if we have questions on clarity or accuracy.

The Spyglass Editorial Board also reserves the right to reject letters and will contact you if we choose to publish your submission.

All letters to the editor become the property of Spyglass upon submission.


Errors and Corrections:

  1. Concerns about errors in Spyglass may be submitted to the student editorial board: [email protected]
  2. The student editors retain the right to determine whether, subjectively, an error has been made.
  3. Known and or found errors that are brought to the attention of Spyglass will be addressed regardless if realized by author, audience or staff member.
  4. Staff members will strive to correct errors prior to publication; however, if the student editors determines a significant error is printed, the student editors will determine the manner and timeliness of a correction.
  5. Minor errors to published digital stories such as punctuation or spelling errors may be corrected by the editor or author without correction statement.
  6. A correction statement will appear below the story.


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