Ms Amos out with her dog, Molly

One Year with Covid: How Has Quarantine Affected People?

Katie X. February 1, 2021

Roxie H. currently attends Fusion Academy, Pasadena. Last year, shortly before quarantine started, her parents divorced, and the process of adjusting to alternating between both her parents’ houses...

Addie K.

Celebrity Culture is Shattering During the Pandemic

Jacqueline Y. May 22, 2020

When Gal Gadot, an Israeli supermodel and actress, posted a three minute video of celebrities singing to John Lennon’s “Imagine” to Instagram shortly after stay-at-home orders were mandated and announced,...

The senior class photo.

Senior Year During a Pandemic

Emily S. May 15, 2020

May marks the start of a month full of senior activities ranging from Chalk Day to Vespers. While none of these events may take place in person anymore, virtual equivalents for each event are in the works....

Maya L.

Finding Connection Through Music During the Pandemic

Sophia H. May 15, 2020

On Mother’s Day, a particularly hot afternoon, I approached my mom’s house clutching my Hanez guitar to my chest and, sweating through my shirt, knocked on the door.  The garage opened and my mom...

Opinion: Coronavirus Clown: President Trump’s Complete Mishandling of COVID-19

Opinion: Coronavirus Clown: President Trump’s Complete Mishandling of COVID-19

Caroline L. May 1, 2020

Evidence of President Trump’s disastrous response to the COVID-19 outbreak has been steadily mounting over the past few months. Just this past week, on Tuesday, April 28, the U.S. surpassed one million...

Evelyn’s February spread in her bullet journal, or as she likes to call it her “bujo”.

Fun Hobbies and Interests During COVID-19

Katie S. May 1, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are spending more time at home than we would like. It’s easy to get bored, especially when one’s only pastime is binging Netflix. To curb their boredom or for...

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