Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy for Yourself This Year

Feel like you’re missing out on the classic cheesy fruit baskets? Gift one to yourself!


Credit: Amazon

Loafers: for when you just need those carbs to drown out your sadness.


Credit: Amazon

Fondue mugs: chocolate or cheese. Set the romantic mood by treating yourself to sweet or savory treats.


Credit: Etsy

Make Valentine’s Day into a home-spa day. The only person you need to take care of is you!


Credit: Amazon

Lazy? We have just the thing for you: mirrored glasses. No need to raise your tired arms just to read or watch TV anymore!


Credit: Oprahmag

Friendship lamps: for long-distance friendships or relationships. When one person turns on their light, the other’s illuminates, too!


Credit: Amazon

No one to rub your back on this special day? No problem! This shiatsu massager will always be here for you.


Credit: The Comfy

A hug for when your close ones are not there to give you one. Plus, it has pockets!


Credit: Amazon

If you’re a cat lover, this book is purrr-fect for you! With cat poses and day-time naps recommended, this book will assure that you are just as relaxed as a kitten.