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Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

Valentine’s Jokes for Your Favorite School Subjects 

DISCLAIMER: You will love to hate these jokes


Q: What did the nucleobase say to the other nucleobase?

A:  I wish I was adenine, so I could be paired with U. 


Q: Why did the two 45-degree angles work so well together? 

A: Because they were just right. 


Q: Why didn’t the past and the future work out together?

A: Their relationship was tense. 


Q: What did one philosopher say to the other?

A: Quit being a Socratease. 


*Bonus Pickup Lines for you to use on those who love Chemistry!*

– Are you Copper(Cu) and Tellurium(Te)? Because you are CuTe!

– Iodine   Lutetium Vanadium   Yttrium Oxygen Uranium 

– You have a heart of Au

*This is not a pick up line but it is just too good

– I heard Oxygen and Magnesium were going out, and I was like ‘OMg’!


Here is a Periodic Table in case you can’t figure some of these out:

Interactive Periodic Table of Elements (Fisher Scientific)

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