Valentine’s Ratings for Stuff

(1 is worst and 10 is best)

10 – sleeping with your head in the pillow laying on your bed with a bowl of hot Cheetos in your old pj’s(which definitely have Minnie mouse on them)


9 – watching a romance film by yourself with ice cream because it’s the only way to escape your loveless life. (it has to have a character like you in itsame personality, and it counts as escape)


8 – fantasizing about your future life with a fictional character may never come true. (THIS)


7 – resigning to listening to a song that makes you want to cry about your sad life


6 – hanging w/ ur crush but not telling them and being sad and awkward (self-explanatory)


5 – eating food but healthy (healthy food is good for you ARE YOU A DEMON I THINK YOU ARE)


4 – hanging w/ your friends (they’re just gonna ask about your crush and make you feel worse)


3 –  hanging w/ your family (ew gross family who are they [WHAT DO YOU MEAN I NEED TO TALK TO THEM])


2 – telling your crush you like them (hahaha now you’re all sweaty and gross and there’s a possibility they don’t like you back which leads to tears and more tears)


1 – going on a romantic date (Lady and the tramp style, the children in the movie theatre boo)