Some Appropriately Professional, Non-Invasive Valentines For Teachers

Dear Teachers, 

Sometimes, when we have conversations, I feel awkward asking “how are you?” for fear that it’s too invasive a question or worse, that you’ll actually confide in me about something terribly personal and depressing and I’ll have to pretend like I even remotely have my life together and provide emotional support. Then I’ll see you in class and we’ll make weird eye contact, and I won’t answer your leading questions because I’ll feel like we’re buddies now and I’m too good for that, but you won’t see it that way, and then you’ll give me a C for my lack of class participation. So naturally, figuring out how if at all I should send you sufficiently festive, appropriately professional, and yet fittingly casual greetings on February 14th is quite an undertaking. Here are some ideas, to thank you for all the hard work while still being, you know, chill. 

Love (or whatever),