BREAKING: Coker Confirms All School Day’s Return for 2023


Westridge School on Instagram

Scenes from the last All School Day Westridge hosted. The theme was carnival.

Spyglass met with Brittany Coker, Dean of Upper School Activities, to discuss the return of All School Day (ASD) and what it will look like for students this year as well as the reason for its cancellation in the past two years.

Historically, every spring, Westridge hosts ASD—a day without regular classes organized by the Associated Student Body (ASB), who selects the theme and plans activities such as carnival games and rides. For the past two years, ASD hasn’t taken place. First in 2021, due to the pandemic. Last spring, ASD was permanently discontinued because of the cost. 

Brittany Coker, Dean of Upper School Activities

[ASD] really didn’t feel like it justified all the money that was spent…It felt a little decadent for a day, but a lot of students loved it,” Coker said.

Realizing the importance of the day for students, Ms. Coker, along with Mr. Gary Baldwin, Director of Upper School, met with Andrea Kassar, Head of School, to lobby for its return.  Coker said that bringing back ASD was important because “a lot of students loved it… And that time of year, because especially January, February, just feels like a grind. So it’s gonna be nice to be able to have something to look forward to.”

Although Coker expressed her enthusiasm for the return of ASD, she noted, “I was really happy that we were able to campaign to bring it back! But it’s not going to be in its full glory.”

The budget for this year’s All School Day, which will take place in Spring of 2023, has been reduced. In the past, ASD has featured large rides such as a ferris wheel or train. “Some of the big ticket items that we got, we won’t be able to do again, because those were the most pricey. We’ll be able to have a lot of activity stations, and I think it’s going to be more craft based,” said Coker.

A student riding a mechanic bull from ASD 2020. (Westridge School on Instagram)

Coker emphasized that although this ASD will be less extravagant, it will still be fun. “We’re still going to have a half day of fun. So we’re hoping that we end around noon, and just have a day of play. Students need that.”

Last Spring, the ASD budget was reallocated for Tiger Week again, this time in-person. Westridge also replaced ASD with We Are Westridge Day, a day designated to highlight the arts programs. This decision was met with widespread disappointment among students.  Ultimately, We Are Westridge Day was canceled due to rain and replaced with normal classes.

Although Ms. Coker did not elaborate on the planning or specifics of the day, as the theme and activities are revealed as a surprise on the morning of ASD, she finished by emphasizing the importance of All School Day as a release from the stressful school environment, upcoming AP tests, and college decisions for Upper School students. “I’m just happy that we’re going to be able to just have a day where we can connect as a community, without the stress, without the feeling of all this stuff looming over our heads.”