Advanced Knife Juggling 101 & Other Suggested Replacements to the AP Curriculum

“…Westridge has decided to move away from the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) program. It will be replaced with Advanced Courses designed to make rigor come alive in ways that promote deeper learning and the critical thinking skills and habits of mind that colleges and employers are looking for today and for the future.”I have some ideas in accordance with the goals outlined for Westridge’s new Advanced Courses in February’s “Moving Beyond APs” email. 


I have some ideas in accordance with the goals outlined for Westridge’s new Advanced Courses in February’s “Moving Beyond APs” email.

MAKE RIGOR COME ALIVE: A new course in Advanced Human Reanimation would make rigor come alive. Rigor mortis, that is. 

PROMOTE DEEPER LEARNING: Nothing can take learning deeper than Advanced Scuba Diving & Spelunking, which literally takes learning deep…into and under the Earth.

DEVELOP ADVENTUROUS THINKERS: Advanced Knife Juggling 101 would push students out of their comfort zone (and potentially into the emergency room). It’s also an excellent niche sport for a college resume. 

SHIFT THE FOCUS FROM THE MEMORIZATION OF FACTS TO THE APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE: World Religions? BOR-ING! Practical applications of magic? That’s where it’s at. Advanced Introduction to Witchcraft & Charming College Admissions Officers would be a project-based class like none other, with hands-on opportunities for students to engage with the course material and supernaturally boost their success in the college process. 

FOSTER SKILLS THAT EMPLOYERS ARE LOOKING FOR TODAY: Advanced Studies in Deep-Frying Foods would prepare students for an after-school gig at McDonald’s. 

FOSTER SKILLS THAT EMPLOYERS WILL LOOK FOR IN THE FUTURE: Because Westridge is seriously committed to preparing students for the real world, Advanced Bartending Skills seems like a must. Advanced Intergalactic Tour Guiding would also foster skills that employers will look for in the future, but, like, in a different way. 

INCORPORATE INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES AND STUDENT RESEARCH PROJECTS: Advanced Studies in Cat Videos & Jeff Goldblum Memes & A Little Bit of Algebra would encompass not one, but two≥, internet phenomena, with some basic linear equations thrown in for a well-rounded education. The robust online arsenal of accessible course material makes it the perfect class for self-guided study. 

SIGNIFICANTLY MORE PERSONALIZED CURRICULUM: Advanced Studies in Goldie Panini Gilbert, My First Pet Goldfish, seems pretty darn personal to me. 

INCREASE INTELLECTUAL RIGOR: There are so many directions in which you could take this! I would suggest Advanced Quantum Mechanics if you really want to make ‘em suffer. 

OFFER MORE DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES AND CONTENT: If Westridge is looking to up its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion game, I would propose Advanced Studies in FOX News. Or, we could explore cultural diversity through Advanced Klingon Language & Culture.