Eighth Graders Support and Cheer Each Other On During the 60 Second Sermons

Nothing inspires more fear than speaking in public.  When it comes to presenting the 60 second sermon, an infamous Eighth Grade English assignment, students found that banding together in support is the only way to get through it.   

As the day of the 60 second sermon was getting closer, students gathered together and practiced their speeches. Some were in Mudd.  Others practiced outside, reciting their speeches and giving each other feedback. At times, a casual observer passing by might not have guessed the pressure students were facing, as laughter and smiles filled the air. “It was really helpful to practice with people.  It was much easier to memorize when I got to practice, ” Dahlia V ‘24 said. 

When the day of the 60 second sermon finally arrived, practice paid off for most students.“I felt very nervous but everyone was super supportive…everyone was just cheering for everybody no matter if they messed up.  It was really a good environment,” Tessie J ‘24 said.  

Students cheered and applauded each other before and after each speech was given. High fives and hugs were exchanged.

Eliza W ‘24 said, “I was very nervous, but I was also kind of excited cause I knew all my friends were there cheering me on, and when I got up, everybody started shouting my name, so that was nice.” 

Even though the assignment was challenging, by encouraging and supporting one another, students were able to deliver their messages in a safe environment.