From left to right: Fairies Stella, Terra, Bloom, Musa, and Aisha.

Review: Fate: The Winx Saga Disappoints With Thinly Developed Characters and Overly Complex Plot

Jessica W. February 25, 2021

When Netflix released the fantasy TV series Fate: the Winx Saga, I was beyond excited.  What could be better than a remake of one of my favorite TV shows growing up?  What better way is there to commence...

Review: One of the Best Shows of 2020: The Queen's Gambit

Review: One of the Best Shows of 2020: The Queen’s Gambit

Mckenna D. January 29, 2021
When The Queen’s Gambit, a TV show about chess, hit Netflix in October, it immediately broke records. Sixty-two million households watched the show in its first month and it was ranked No. 1 in 63 countries. The show has also sparked an interest in chess: chess sales increased by over 170 percent after The Queen’s Gambit was released.
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