Westridge's DEI Efforts Part 3: Moving Forward

Westridge’s DEI Efforts Part 3: Moving Forward

Katie S. May 24, 2021
7 students and faculty shared their thoughts for moving forward with Westridge’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts.
Natalie V. '21 celebrates her commitment to Auburn University.

Seniors Reflect on a College Process Like No Other

Sophia H. May 17, 2021

For roughly the past eight months, Westridge seniors have endured the seemingly endless process of applying to colleges across and beyond the United States. Finally, past the May 1 deadline by which most...

Part of the November 2020 DEI and Anti-Racism update. It starts with a letter from Elizabeth McGregor, Head of School.

Westridge’s DEI Efforts Part 2: How Involved are Students in the DEI Process?

Katie S. May 15, 2021

A large part of the DEI effort involves student input — receiving student feedback, checking in with students’ sense of belonging, and having ongoing conversations with students about changes they...

Some of Westridge’s parent ambassadors with whom prospective families can connect.

Westridge’s DEI Efforts Part 1: Increasing Student Body Representation

Katie S. May 10, 2021
DEI initiatives and efforts to increase student diversity are not new to Westridge’s admission process. “There are some strategies we have expanded upon and some newer initiatives that are underway to spread the word about Westridge to families that may not hear about us through traditional marketing and outreach efforts,” explained Margaret Shoemaker, Director of Admission.
A Year in Review: Westridge Looks Back and Forward at its DEI Efforts

A Year in Review: Westridge Looks Back and Forward at its DEI Efforts

Katie S. May 10, 2021
Westridge published their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) planning strategies in January 2020, located in the Westridge Strategic Plan. Among other initiatives, the DEI plan includes: increasing DEI training for all Westridge constituencies, identifying biases in curriculum, and creating a plan to increase student body and faculty & staff diversity.
Westridge students gather for a Tiger Week class. Even when used recreationally, videoconferencing is often still mentally draining.

The Ups and Downs of Zoom Culture

Ilena M. April 12, 2021
With its pros, cons, and 150 millisecond time lag, the adaptation to Zoom life is shaping an entirely new culture of human interaction. 

Meet Jade McKnight ’09, This Year’s Distinguished Young Alumna

Jacqueline Y. April 12, 2021

When I first sat down to interview Jade McKnight for an Alumnae Weekend website video on a Tuesday afternoon, I was immediately drawn to her charismatic and bubbly personality. She spoke to me almost as...

Quarantine: An Introvert's Paradise or Nightmare?

Quarantine: An Introvert’s Paradise or Nightmare?

Eliza W. April 12, 2021

Graded discussions, big group gatherings, and almost all other aspects of school are some of the many ways in which societal expectations are geared towards extroverts' strengths and values. What seems...

The Friday lunch discussion addressed the recent incident of anti-Asian racism.

Westridge comes together after alumna hurls anti-Asian slurs

Katie S., Writing Editor March 15, 2021

A video was recently posted online that depicted a Westridge alumna hurling anti-Asian slurs. The video, which circulated quickly online, was first posted on the Nextdoor app on Wednesday, and then spread...

A fan-drawn picture of Saiki K. from the anime

The Animanga Club Welcomes You!

Katie X. March 1, 2021

Diehard fans of anime and manga, or animanga as it’s known in those circles, now have a new home in the new Animanga Club.  Established this year by Z G. ’22 and Izzy C. ’23, the club, which consists...

Eva K. '24 posing next to her silkscreening table.

Working Their Way Towards Success: Westridge’s Student Workers

Jacqueline Y. February 27, 2021

While most students spend their time after school studying, watching Netflix, or hanging out with friends, some students are busy making a profit.   Hadley, who works as a part-time nanny, has babysat...

Ms Amos out with her dog, Molly

One Year with Covid: How Has Quarantine Affected People?

Katie X. February 1, 2021

Roxie H. currently attends Fusion Academy, Pasadena. Last year, shortly before quarantine started, her parents divorced, and the process of adjusting to alternating between both her parents’ houses...

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