A fan-drawn picture of Saiki K. from the anime

The Animanga Club Welcomes You!

Katie X. March 1, 2021

Diehard fans of anime and manga, or animanga as it’s known in those circles, now have a new home in the new Animanga Club.  Established this year by Z G. ’22 and Izzy C. ’23, the club, which consists...

Eva K. '24 posing next to her silkscreening table.

Working Their Way Towards Success: Westridge’s Student Workers

Jacqueline Y. February 27, 2021

While most students spend their time after school studying, watching Netflix, or hanging out with friends, some students are busy making a profit.   Hadley, who works as a part-time nanny, has babysat...

Ms Amos out with her dog, Molly

One Year with Covid: How Has Quarantine Affected People?

Katie X. February 1, 2021

Roxie H. currently attends Fusion Academy, Pasadena. Last year, shortly before quarantine started, her parents divorced, and the process of adjusting to alternating between both her parents’ houses...

Cards during quarantine.

Revival of Cards in Quarantine

Lauren C. January 31, 2021

During quarantine, many Westridge students are writing letters during their free time. For some, writing and sending letters is a more meaningful practice than texting, especially while people are unable...

Maria G. I. '24 practicing driving. (Grace Iannotti)

Pandemic Forces Change for Teens Learning to Drive

Eliza W. January 28, 2021

Learning to drive is a typical rite of passage in a teen’s life. The days of having to sit in the backseat of their parent’s car, with the slight scent of week-old coffee and a backseat covered in...

Weighing the Functionality of Teams Versus Zoom for Westridge’s Remote Learning Platform

Weighing the Functionality of Teams Versus Zoom for Westridge’s Remote Learning Platform

Katie S. and Jessica W. January 27, 2021
When quarantine began in the spring, Westridge’s Academic Team had to scramble to find an online platform for remote learning. Eventually, the decision boiled down to two choices: Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
Coach Allison’s new climbing wall.

Quarantine Inspires Home Renovation Projects

Sabina P. January 7, 2021
As a PE teacher, Coach Allison Clark’s new climbing wall could very well be her new home office. She has not yet figured out a way to use it in class, so as of now it is an afterschool hobby. “I enjoy it because it makes me feel like I’m getting stronger.” Additionally, she mentioned that she liked the problem solving elements involved in designing the wall.
Ms. St John at her farm with her three goats, Rosie, Sissy, and Timmy

Goats, Chickens, and Pigs, Oh My! St. John Buys a Farm During Quarantine

Katie X. December 10, 2020

Have you adopted a new pet during quarantine? Erica St John, Westridge’s Service and Community Engagement Coordinator, is one step ahead with her newly bought farm. St John’s childhood dream was to...

In Online School, Mental Health is Hurting: How Do We Move Forward?

In Online School, Mental Health is Hurting: How Do We Move Forward?

Ilena M. December 8, 2020
There is an unforeseen, quiet emergency infiltrating (virtual) classrooms across the globe. While families struggle to piece together a sense of routine and normalcy seven months into the coronavirus pandemic, teen anxiety, depression, and stress levels continue to skyrocket.
The New Renovated Lower School Playground
Photo Credits: Kim Kerscher

Lower School Playground Renovation Highlights the Importance of Community

Verena W. December 4, 2020

The sound of laughter and giggles from students playing Fish out of Water and Gravel are memories that I recall from my time on the Lower School Playground. It just was like yesterday, when I grasped the...

Meeting in the Middle: When Being Pro-life and a Feminist Intersect

Meeting in the Middle: When Being Pro-life and a Feminist Intersect

Eliza W. December 4, 2020

Destiny Herndon De La Rosa takes a deep breath in. Her voice shifts from its fast and energetic tone to a more slow and careful pace as she recalls attending the Women’s March in 2018. She takes me back...

UC San Diego is among one of the nine UC schools that have shifted their standardized testing policy.

The UC’s Just Announced Their Test-Blind Policy, Causing Some to Rethink the Application Process

Jacqueline Y. November 2, 2020
“I’m mad,” expressed Charlotte Z. ’22, shocked by the University of California Regents’s announcement on May 21, 2020 to move to a test-optional policy within the next two years. Like thousands of students across the country, Charlotte spent the past summer taking a 10-week SAT prep class that met for four hours per day, Monday through Friday. “I’m mad, but I understand and get why they would make this decision.”
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