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These last few weeks have been hard for all different kinds of communities as the immediate effects of COVID-19 have become a reality. For Westridge, we have had to move online and figure out ways to connect with each other and learn while being physically separated. Along with many other institutions, Westridge has also made the transition to a pass/fail grading system to accommodate those whose might be struggling right now. This week Westridge also suffered the loss of beloved faculty member Carol van Zalingen who died on Tuesday from complications related to COVID-19.

I have been moved as the community has connected in various ways in this strange time. I am inspired by my teachers, Ms. McGregor, and friends who have reached out to share their own struggles and support. I am especially grateful and proud of the way our community has come together to honor Ms. V. If you have not already, I encourage you to read some tributes from the community on her online memorial site ( Spyglass is working on a tribute article to be released April 24.

Spyglass has had to find new ways of reporting, writing, and publishing whilst being in quarantine. Like many of our peers, it has been an uphill battle working to create meaningful and original content. Today, you will find a smaller amount of new articles on our website as we are in transition to a new system. For the rest of the school year, we will be releasing mini editions every Friday. We hope that all of you, as readers, will enthusiastically return every Friday for a dose of Westridge journalism. A big part of these editions will be our op-ed section. Each member of Spyglass was given the challenge to write one editorial as a part of The New York Times editorial competition. As a staff we have been working to develop skills in opinion writing and are excited and pleased to share these with you. If one of our opinions raises an eye-brow, let us know! These articles are meant to start conversations.

If you have something on your mind, are feeling passionate about a subject, or want to respond to an article, I strongly encourage you to write in a letter to the editor. My goal for Spyglass has always been to create community, and that has become all the more important these past few weeks. In times like this, the importance of journalism is so clear – we must come together to share stories and truths.