Spyglass Honors Its Seniors


This spring, Spyglass is sending off five spectacular senior staffers. Over their many years on staff, Katie, Hannah, Mckenna, Hailey, and Jessica have brought talent, enthusiasm, kindness, mentorship, and creativity to the newsroom. We wish them the best in college and beyond! 



FAVORITE SPYGLASS MEMORY: “All of our team bonding activities or just working together in the same spacethe summer retreats, editorial board meetings with Starbucks, loud and energetic pitch meetings, the list goes on!” 




FAVORITE STORY: “My personal narrative: ‘What the Dodgers Gave to My Dad and Me.’ I always wanted to write something personal about my love for the Dodgers and baseball in general, so I was super grateful to have been given the opportunity to write this article.” 








PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT ON STAFF: “I’m most proud of my College Column article and my Storytelling in Video Games article because I think both of them were the most well written and unique out of all my articles.” 





FAVORITE SPYGLASS MEMORY: “Writing the DEI article with Reed! We spent like three months on it, but it was really fun trying to chase down interviewees together and the end result was entirely worth it…we received a Best of SNO badge!” 





BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT ON SPYGLASS: “Being on Spyglass really pushed

 me to go out there and interview others to really investigate a topic.”