Taking A Look Inside Westridge’s Offices


Katie S.

Ms. Stevenson (left) and Ms. Yurcak (right) discuss their favorite books.


Westridge’s faculty has many one-of-a-kind traditions and unique characteristics that are often kept unseen behind their office doors. Spyglass explored what each office community is like and what makes each one special. Read more to find out which office has a bathroom stocked with lotions and hair products or which office proudly displays a poster of Armenian kings that they judge on “hotness”.


Foreign Languages Office

Fang-Yu Hull (Middle and Upper School Mandarin Chinese), Lily Shang (Middle and Upper School Mandarin Chinese), Diane Pintabone (Middle and Upper School Latin), Hilary Eichelberger (Upper School Latin)



We’re like a little family.”

— Hilary Eichelberger

History Office

Jennifer Marcus, Sandy de Grijs, Bill Harrison, Willa Greenstone, Melissa Kelley (all are Upper School History teachers)


Inside A Conversation:

Sandy de Grijs: It’s hard to decide which one is the hottest Armenian king and I mean there are many choices available

Jennifer Marcus: I think Tigran is definitely the hottest.

SG: You think?

JM: The others are hard to see under their facial hair.


JM: I mean Haik looks very masculine, if you’re into that kind of genre.

English Office

Molly Yurchak, Jessica Bremmer, Edward Raines, Tarra Stevenson, Katie Wei (all are Upper School English teachers)

Fun Facts

1. For Christmas Mr. Raines bought himself a pair of earmuffs–he then brought them into the office to show everyone.

2. Every year the English office wears colorful Christmas pins for the holiday season.


PE Office

Allison Clark (PE teacher and Westridge Alum ’07), Karen Hanselman (Lower and Middle School PE)

Inside A Conversation:

(When told the other offices think they’re the best)

Karen Hanselman: Do they have a pool table? I don’t think so.

Allison Clark: Do they have our winning personalities? I don’t think so.

KH: Do they have an emotional support system with five students in here at any given time?

AC: No. I don’t think so and they’re probably happier for it… You know… I used to say that we were the best [office], but I’m gonna say the History department is probably the best. Starts laughing

KH: Whattt!?

AC: Sorry Karen.

KH: No that’s true, they’re pretty slamming.

Admissions Office

Sarah Jallo (Director of Admission and Enrollment Management), Margaret Shoemaker (Associate Director of Admission and Enrollment Management), Sha’trece Slaughter (Admission Associate and Westridge Alum ’10)

I always say the second best thing to coming to school here is being able to work here.”

— Sarah Jallo

Math Office

Joe Busch, Leah Dahl, Grant Wood, Andrew Zhou, Eric Libicki, Daniel Calmeyer (all are Upper School Math teachers)

Our office is very close, quite close.”

— Andrew Zhou

Art Office (Ceramics Studio)

Lorri Deyer (Middle and Upper School Art), Juanita Jimenez (Upper School Art)

Science Office

Laura Hatchman, Ryan Skophammer, Brooke Surin, Tina Singh, Aaron Eichelberger, Edye Udell (all are Upper School Science teachers)


Old Tradition:

Before Ms. Coker switched to her new job in Student Activities, she and Ms. Hatchman would have calendar wars. The goal was to turn to the new month before the other–then brag about it.


Pitcairn Office

Bottom Floor: Danica Bourgault (Business Office Coordinator), Kim Cota (Controller), Liz Jin (Assistant Controller)
Top Floor, Office 1: Kim Kerscher (Director of Marketing and Communications)
Top Floor, Office 2: Emma Pell (Communications Associate), Samantha Chaffin (Webmaster and Online Content Manager)


Their Bathroom:

One of the Pitcairn Office’s best kept secrets is their office bathroom. They all bring in various products including lotions, hair spray, dry shampoo, and bobby pins. “We bring in all kinds of stuff that only in a building of all-women would you have it. It’s basically everything you have at home. I do enjoy our bathroom,” commented Ms. Pell.

Middle School Office (History and English)

Gigi Bizar (Middle School History), John Cross (Middle School English), Jennifer Irish (Middle School History), Masami Hansen (Middle School English and Spyglass Faculty Advisor)