The Finalsite vs. Canvas Debate

Newscaster: Hello, and welcome to CPN, Cable Politics Network!

*Studio applause*

As you know, tonight is the long-awaiting Finalsite vs. Canvas debate. How are you two doing?

Canvas: Good, thank you!

Finalsite: Fine. Very excited to be here.

Moderator: We’re here at the PAC Assembly Hall to listen to a debate between two websites. At the end of this event, you, the audience, should be more informed to vote on which website will be Westridge’s school website and support platform. Now, Canvas, how do you think you compare to the long-standing Finalsite?

Canvas: I believe I have the best platform for students who like looking at the big picture. For example, teachers can upload a timeline of the class through the year, with each lesson and the assignments available beforehand for students who want to get ahead. It’s perfect because students are always complaining to teachers about how they need more work, and now it’s right on the website, under the page called Module!

Finalsite: It’s called a Module? That’s kind of a weird name.

Canvas: Excuse me, I’m still talking. Under another page called Assignments, students can directly submit homework to the website. Teachers can also link the website to Turnitin if they don’t like the built-in submission system.

Newscaster: Speaking of customization, users say that Finalsite is the better website visually and in terms of customizable pages. What do you say to that, Finalsite?

Finalsite: Well, I think it’s true. If you go to one of the class pages on Canvas, all you see is a lot of blank space. Meanwhile, my website allows teachers to add a variety of extra content, like links to educational websites or helpful videos.

Canvas: Well, I come with new ways for users to talk to other students, like a phone app and pre-set-up group chat for classes. Finalsite has nothing like that.

Finalsite: Uh, I promote face-to-face communication.

Canvas: Finalsite should get with the times! This is a digital age, we’re ruled by computers and phones.

Finalsite: Get with the times? You’re one to talk! If you understood “the digital age,” you would realize that students use our websites for everything on campus, including the Common’s calendar and information on theater . You don’t even have morning and afternoon band events on the calendar! THAT’S THE BARE MINIMUM!


Moderator: Oh wow, I guess that’s all the time we have for today!

Moderator: This was a lovely debate, I truly feel like everyone has learned a lot! We’ve heard both sides of the debate, with the advantages and disadvantages for both websites layed out so that you can make an educated decision! Voters can vote for either website at… Oh wait… okay… yes – it seems like Canvas…already won!

*He pauses for applause, it doesn’t come*

Moderator: Sorry to all those who didn’t get the chance to vote, because it’s too late now! And a big thank-you to our guests for coming on today! I hope you’ll join us next time, have a good day!