Lesridge Instagram Account: Both a ‘Meme Account’ and Safe Place for Students

A private Instagram account named Lesridge, run by Westridge students, currently has 112 followers and 23 posts. The account frequently displays pictures of members of the LGBTQ+ community at Westridge and asks followers to “send good pictures of gay people.” 

According to Westridge students who follow the account, the Lesridge account allows primarily Westridge students to follow it, in efforts to prevent other schools from misinterpreting the so-called “meme account.” A “meme account” usually shares humorous pictures. 

Spyglass reached out to the account’s creator for an interview, but the owner of Lesridge declined to comment. 

Some students interpret the account to be entertaining and lighthearted. “The account isn’t that deep,” said one student who has asked to remain anonymous. “It’s literally a meme account. And people ‘shipping’ each other. It’s really not deep at all. I’ve sent memes in it, and it’s so funny seeing [followers] respond and stuff like that.” 

Shipping is a slang term used to describe two people that others want to become romantically involved. 

Others believe that the account is an important space to debunk stereotypes surrounding the LGBTQ+ community at Westridge and beyond, along with providing young, queer students with a feeling of safety.

Sophie C. ’25 sees the account as an instrument of expression. “I just think it’s really good for younger people to understand that there are other people at Westridge who are queer and who are exploring [their sexuality]. And I think it’s a really good way for younger people to understand that there are other people in the community who have the same feelings that they went through at that age.”