14 Honest Headlines For An Unusual Election Week (Including This One)



Spyglass staffers generated headlines to describe their day.

In the midst of the 2020 presidential election week, the Spyglass team has been generating and sharing headlines to describe how their life has been going. Here are a few:

“It’s Only Tuesday, but Our Country Is Already in Chaos” – Jacqueline Y., Editor-in-Chief


“Area Girl Looks Amish Today” – Sophia HK., Managing Editor


“BREAKING: The Hansen Home Has All The Feelz for America on Election Night” – Masami Hansen, Faculty Advisor


“To Watch News or Not to Watch News?: The Dilemma of Helpless Teens Around the Country” – Nitya C., Design Manager


“Family Meets Their Friendly, Fellow Asian Neighbors For the First Time Despite the Fact That They Have Lived Here for Five Years” – Emerson L., Staff Writer

A fake "news" screenshot with the headline "We Should Go Outside More" and the ticker saying "Did The Guy Who Lived there before die or what? says father." The photo is a stock image of a generic Asian family, smiling.
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“Teen Might End Up Sobbing During Tuesday Ballet Class” – Bella W., Website Designer


“Fun Game for the Family: Was That Bang a Firecracker or a Gunshot?” – Katie X., Staff Writer


“It Is a Candy Corn for Breakfast Kind of Day, Agree Nation’s Beleaguered Scientists” – Emerson L., Staff Writer


“Spyglass Student Eats Three Hotdogs for Lunch” – Caroline L., Writing Editor

A fake news screenshot with the headline "A New World Record? No" and the ticker saying "Still kind of a lot of hot dogs for one caroline though." The background photo is three hot dogs.
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“Pink or Blue Highlights: One Teen’s Agonizing Choice” – Lauren C., Staff Writer


“Crowded Bookshelf Seems Too Empty; Never Enough Reading Material To Distract From The World Around Us.” – Mckenna D., Staff Writer


“A House Mildly Divided: Chaotic Uncle Screams At TV As Aunt Makes Cheddar Broccoli Soup” – Katie X., Staff Writer


“BREAKING: Panicked Teen Attempts Lunch Preparation; Learns Root Beer Tastes Good On Potatoes” – Ilena M., Staff Writer

A fake "news" screenshot that reads "National Emergency: Teen Cooks" with the ticker reading "Probably did not look like this stock photo titled "Girl Crude Potato" but whatever." The photo is an awkward stock image of a girl holding up and biting into a potato.
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