8 Fun Activities To Keep the Crazy Out of Quarantine

1. Spaghetti Sword Fights

Sue M.

A starchy and competitive workout for the whole family, or whoever’s willing to get off their laptop for five minutes. C’mon, dad, I’m looking at you.

* If participating with neighbors, omit spaghetti and instead use six pieces of duct-taped lasagna


2. Amazon Box Rocket Ship

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it’s just one of those things you have way too much of in your living room.


3. Target Box Rocket Ship

Sue M.

Follow CDC guidelines, even when going to the moon. 


4. Walmart Box Rocket Ship

Sue M.

Running out of ideas, here.


5. “Find the Hidden Toilet Paper Roll Amongst All the Canned Goods”

Ilena M.

This one should be a real challenge.


6. “Wait — Is This What Fresh Air Feels Like?”

Sue M.

Surprisingly, it is!


7. Hide & Seek 

Ilena M.

A classic, updated for the modern era


8. “How Many Cardboard Boxes Can You Fit on Your Head?”

Sue M.