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Let the AI Machine Quiz Gadget Calculate How Single You Are

How single are you? This AI Machine Quiz Gadget ©—awarded the “Eerily Accurate” award by Forbes in 2013—will tell you 

Enter all calculated amounts in the white boxes

1. How many cats and sweaters do you own? Multiply them together. ⬜

2. Have you named your succulent/car/another favorite inanimate object?? Enter the total letters in his—ahem, its—name. ⬜

3. How many pints of ice cream have you consumed while crying alone in the past 10 days? ⬜

4. How many days have you been single? Enter 0 if you are in a relationship. ⬜

5. How many times have you talked to yourself in the last two weeks? ⬜

6. How many days ago did you last shower? ⬜

7. How many years have you had a dating app/account? Cube it. ⬜

Add numbers 5–7 together. Add number 1. Subtract number 6. Add numbers 2 and 3. Subtract number 5. Subtract number 2. Add number 7. Add number 4. Subtract the sum of numbers 1 and 3. Subtract two times number 7. 

You have been single for [insert final answer] days.

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