Chocolate Mousse

The best meal I ever had was Christmas dinner in 2020. Covid and online learning were stressing me out, but winter break was my time to de-stress. During the break, I helped my mom prepare a big meal for Christmas dinner. We cooked steak, bought crispy bread, and steamed vegetables. For dessert, we made these incredible chocolate mousses. We ate dessert on the couch of our living room while watching The Queen’s Gambit. That Christmas afternoon went smoothly and was one of the most relaxing nights that year. I will always associate this dessert with peace and tranquility in a time of chaos.







3 eggs

4.5 oz dark chocolate

0.3 oz unsalted butter

½ cup of cream

3 tbsp caster sugar

Decorations: whipped cream, chocolate shavings



1. Separate eggs into whites and yolks, whites in a large bowl, yolks in a small bowl

2. Whisk yolks and then set them aside

3. Place chocolate and butter in a large bowl and melt it in the microwave in 30-second bursts, stirring until smooth

4. Mix sugar and cream, whip it together until firm peaks form

5. Pour the egg yolks into the cream and mix them together

6. Pour the chocolate into the cream-yolk mixture and mix them together

7. Add ¼ of egg whites into the cream

8. Separate into cups and refrigerate for at least 5 hours

9. Divide into cups and add whipped cream and chocolate shavings

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