Places To Find Candy On Campus

For Trick-Or-Treating All School-Year-Round

College Counseling

By far the largest assortment of candy at school, unfortunately the delectables are only enjoyed by the Seniors.

Mrs. Amos’ Classroom

After failing your Chemistry test, take a Dum Dum and reflect upon your self-worth. You may not have dignity, but you have a lollipop — and that sure counts for something.

Math Office, Prior to the Ant Infestation of 2018

An artistic interpretation of those pre-COVID days when Mr. Libicki’s Jolly Ranchers flowed freely.

Trash Can

Mostly wrappers and the occasional melted Twix bar, but sometimes even a perfectly good Almond Joy, because really, who likes those?

Skittles Meetings

It’s in the name. (Candy enlarged for texture; humans shrunken for anonymity.)

The Writing Center

We’ve never been, but rumor has it the selections are good.

The Treehouse

Excellent selection. And lots of condoms.

This Locker

Generously left open by a middle schooler who failed to realize that if we see candy, we will take candy.

Ms. Leonard’s Office

Self-described “candy dealer” Ms. Leonard has a never ending supply of Smarties. Tasty and clever!

The Language Office

Featuring Ms. Shang and her secret stash of Reese’s.

The Admissions Office

Re-live your sense of self-accomplishment upon acceptance into school with Westridge Mints™️

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