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Rochelle Hartman

What Your Favorite Candy Says About You

Kit Kat – You like cats.

Gummy bears – You are very lonely. You don’t see these colored bears as candy, they are your friends. You name them Wilhelm, Chester, and Floyd.

Starbursts – You’re a cool kid.

Licorice – You’re an intellectual at heart. You dress like Steve Jobs everyday, except on Fridays, when you really mix it up with your extra-long-necked turtleneck.

Raisinettes – You got COVID. Your taste buds don’t function properly.

Chocolate – You’re an introvert with a debilitating fear of colorful candy. 

Sour gummies – You like living on the edge.

Laffy taffy – You were deprived of sugar as a young child; now you will eat any candy, even Laffy taffy

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