An Insightful Conversation

An Insightful Conversation

Sydney S. May 17, 2021

Christella has been a second mother to me since the day I was born. She is the most caring person I know, and the best nanny anyone could ever ask for. While sitting on cold chairs in my living room, she...

A Dangerous Journey that Eventually Ends in Reward

A Dangerous Journey that Eventually Ends in Reward

Lilah R. May 17, 2021

On a brown leather couch that is all too familiar sits my Grandmother, one of the kindest and most passionate people I know. After a little bit of small talk, I jump right into the questions that will...

I Desire the Fruits of Knowledge and Music

I Desire the Fruits of Knowledge and Music

Miranda F. May 17, 2021

It’s 2021, but we’re talking about 1993. I originally had ten questions I’d prepared to ask her, but it’s all out of order now—and it’s better that way. It comes more naturally and feels like...

My World is So Colorful

My World is So Colorful

Ellie L. May 17, 2021

My mom’s cousin Yuki looked at me expectantly through the computer screen. She sat in front of yellow walls and a tall shelf with toys placed neatly on top. The sunlight shined through the window, illuminating...

The Amer-I CAN Dream

The Amer-I CAN Dream

Alice C. May 17, 2021

The American Dream: to be successful and be able to support your family. It’s what Nitin Chawla had dreamed of since he was little. Nitin leaned towards the screen, speaking both to his daughter sitting...

Art Credit: Jacqueline Lee

Opinion: I’m Abandoning Performative Activism. Here’s Why You Should Too.

Eliza W. May 16, 2021

As I tap through stories on my Instagram feed, I see the same five activism posts of the day shared over again by classmates and celebrities alike. “BLM” written in a loopy font against a pale pink...

Quarantine: An Introvert's Paradise or Nightmare?

Quarantine: An Introvert’s Paradise or Nightmare?

Eliza W. April 12, 2021

Graded discussions, big group gatherings, and almost all other aspects of school are some of the many ways in which societal expectations are geared towards extroverts' strengths and values. What seems...

Sound in Space Cover Art.

Calling All Radio Lovers: Westridge’s New Radio Station Has Gone Live

Eliza W. February 26, 2021

“The program will begin in one minute” flashes on the left side of every eager listener's computer. After the minute has passed, audio breaks the silence, and KWST’s grey “off-air” text shifts...

Maria G. I. '24 practicing driving. (Grace Iannotti)

Pandemic Forces Change for Teens Learning to Drive

Eliza W. January 28, 2021

Learning to drive is a typical rite of passage in a teen’s life. The days of having to sit in the backseat of their parent’s car, with the slight scent of week-old coffee and a backseat covered in...

One of my favorite thrifting spots, Goodwill.

Opinion: A Guide to Covid-19 Thrifting

Eliza W. November 9, 2020

Do you ever have that I-wish-I-could-get-more-clothes-but-I-have-far-more-important-things-to-spend-my-money-on feeling? I mean, a black T-shirt for $59.99? Really, Urban Outfitters?  What if there...

Opinion: My Ten Favorite Quarantine Reads

Eliza W. November 3, 2020

Over the summer, in the repetitive boredom of quarantine, I reignited a passion for one of my favorite elementary school hobbies: reading. Like many students, as the school workload and extracurriculars...

Students get ready to participate in this years Greek and Roman events.

Greek and Roman Initiation Celebrated Online

Eliza W. October 11, 2020

A typical Greek and Roman Initiation includes a sea of students dressed in yellow and blue attire swarming the campus screaming, “Go Greeks!” and “Go Romans!” Music blares out from all corners...

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