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Column: Confessions from the College Front Line: Proud Graduate of the Class of COVID

Caroline P. May 8, 2020
Like everyone else, I am so sick of talking about the Coronavirus. This pandemic truly feels endless. And being a senior in high school on top of everything makes the future feel all the more insecure. The college process is a wild roller coaster with twists and turns, but a global pandemic was a drop I never could’ve expected. 
Abbie K.

Coronavirus Leads to Fallout in Election Process

Caroline P. April 24, 2020
In addition to voting in the presidential primaries, this year U.S. citizens are voting on 435 seats in the House, 35 senate seats, 13 governorships, and multiple state and local elections. However, the spread of Covid-19 raises the question -- how will a global pandemic affect our democratic process? 

Quarantine Inspired Haikus

April 17, 2020
In Eighth Grade English, students wrote haikus reflecting on their experience during the Coronavirus quarantine. Spyglass would like to feature three of these haikus to add some cheer in these times of fear and uncertainty. 
Column: Green Gastronomy: Foraging Class

Column: Green Gastronomy: Foraging Class

Mirelle L. April 17, 2020
Looking up at the mountains surrounding Los Angeles, you might not know it, but these mountains are actually filled with food.  This is where Pascal Baudar holds his weekly foraging classes, although “foraging” might not be the right title for them.  
Davan D. ’21 paints on her ceramic piece

Westridge Artists Run Second Annual Disassembly

Hailey T. April 17, 2020
On the afternoon of February 19, students and faculty of all school divisions congregated in the Hoffman Gymnasium for a  preview of artwork spread all over campus.

Behind The Scenes: ALL SCHOOLS DAY

Ella B. and Sophene A. April 17, 2020

“When I walked onto the field, a smile came to my face. I immediately knew this was going to be an exciting and great day!” exclaimed Reed D. ’25 as she recounted this year's All Schools Day.  Amidst...

8 Fun Activities To Keep the Crazy Out of Quarantine

Ilena M. April 17, 2020

1. Spaghetti Sword Fights A starchy and competitive workout for the whole family, or whoever’s willing to get off their laptop for five minutes. C’mon, dad, I’m looking at you. * If participating...

Eighth Graders Support and Cheer Each Other On During the 60 Second Sermons

Eighth Graders Support and Cheer Each Other On During the 60 Second Sermons

Verena W. April 17, 2020

Nothing inspires more fear than speaking in public.  When it comes to presenting the 60 second sermon, an infamous Eighth Grade English assignment, students found that banding together in support is the...

Rigorous Remote Learning in Middle School

Ella B. and Sophene A. April 17, 2020

On March 11, Head of School, Elizabeth McGregor announced that Westridge would switch to remote learning in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of students, faculty, and staff. At first, some students...

Jacqueline L.

Opinion: Civics Belongs in Our Classrooms

Katie S. April 16, 2020
I feel surrounded by updates on the virus everywhere I look—social media, at the dinner table, and on virtually any news channel. I didn’t understand the jargon or even the very basics of the policies put in place until I did my own research, but many people my age aren’t going to do the same.
@charlieamber94 on Twitter

Opinion: 5 Reasons I was Social Distancing Long Before Coronavirus

Hailey T. April 16, 2020

I’m not a fan of large crowds. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of people, either—with or without a pandemic. They can be loud, dramatic, and annoying, to say the least. Throughout my entire elementary...

Small Businesses Across the Country Take a Hit from “Shelter in Place” Mandate

Caroline L. April 16, 2020
Over the past couple of months, the coronavirus has taken the lives of over a hundred thousand people worldwide. But it’s also had irreversible impacts on the U.S. economy and delivered shocking blows to small businesses across the country.
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